Why Should I Foster?

Fosters give our dogs the love, support, and training they need to make a smooth transition into their adoptive homes. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your former foster dog trot off with his new family – it is often hard to tell who is more excited, the dog or the family!

But because Dogs in Danger Rescue Inc does not have a shelter or boarding facility of its own, we depend on our fosters to temporarily house our dogs until adopted.

What’s Involved?

When you decide to foster, you commit to helping a dog and preparing her for adoption. We can’t say exactly how long it will be as some dogs are adopted quicker than others. But we can say we will work with you to find the best fit for a foster dog to you and your family.

We take the new foster application process just as seriously as we do our adoptions. We carefully screen each applicant, using much the same criteria used to screen potential adopters. That means we will visit you at home, check out your vet, and get to know you and your current family so that we can match you with the best possible foster dog. We will go over the responsibilities of foster parenting, review with you the case history of the dog that you will be taking in, and answer any questions you may have.

Our Responsibilities

We have partnered with local veterinarians to provide routine and emergency care…at no cost to you.

  • We will provide supplies such as collars, leashes, bowls, crates and identification tags.

  • For dogs that need special attention on behavior issues, we will provide a behaviorist/trainer to work with you and your foster.

  • We will post your foster dogs on our own website and several other dog adoption websites.

  • We hold adoption events at least two times a month – these are great opportunities to find loving homes for your foster dogs.

  • Our network of volunteers are there to answer questions, screen potential adopter, help transport your dog when you are unable, and assist in the marketing of your foster dog.

Your Responsibilities

Along with providing love and affection, you’ll  provide:

  • Daily care and maintenance of your foster dog.

  • Bring the foster dog to as many adoption events as possible.

  • Help your adoption coordinator (AC) by providing up to date information and description of your foster and participating in the screening of potential adopters.